Welcome to my world! On this blog you can read all about my adventures traveling wherever Tango takes me, as well as seeing photos of people and places I visit along the way.

A blog is like a short book.  A kid’s book, a picture book.  I’m like a little kid, I have to see the pictures to get the story.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, I must admit… Doesn’t happen often…

    Wherever did you learn to dance Milonga like that

    Qué bárbaro!!

    Lets dance again soon… Name the place I am there

    John with the raven Tatoo


  2. Willow ~
    Your writing style draws me in further and further … one step at a time!
    Love the photos and detailed reviews you give to the area and people – even the horses ; ))

    Looking forward to seeing you in BsAs soon – the countdown is on!!!

    Salida ~


  3. Thank you for the most recent installment…for just a little while, I get wisked away…

    Siguele Adelante, te mando…

    Un abrazo fuerte,

    Rebecca y Aaliyah


  4. What a wonderful beginning to a wonderful adventure for both you and Ben. Miss you so much, but so happy that you are enjoying for journey and sharing with us all the adventures. Wonderful pictures, and can’t wait to read more….

    love you always


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