A silly post from a silly girl

We came to Patagonia for a visit with our friend, Goldilocks, and the three Bears: Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear. We weren’t sure where they lived, but we saw a couple of places that seemed to fit the description:

Could this be their house?

Or maybe this one?

How cute is that?

Yup, it’s their house! And here they are:

Papa Bear reading a story to Baby Bear and Goldilocks

Mama Bear showed us the kitchen:

a real storybook kitchen

with a dreamscape view:

Cerro Otto, above Bariloche

My storybook friends do exist, right in your house (if you have little ones) and also in your imagination! Others smarter than I have noted that during our absent-minded reflections and daydreams we are processing things on another level, that is, we are giving meaning to our day-to-day existence. Have you ever noticed how your creativity and inventiveness start to kick in when you slow down enough to notice? So if you love to get out into nature, ride horses, dance, go fishing, read a good book, whatever you do to relax and let the world slip away… you’re rewarding yourself with a good healthy dose of creativity and imagination. It’s never a waste of time!

Here’s a blooper from my next post, think of it as a preview:

Oh no, his horse tried to kiss him!

Ciao from Patagonia!

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