Stormy’s Skirmish

my little angel, pre-battle

my little angel, post-bath, pre-battle

Yup, my sweet little Stormy got beat up by another horse — her best horsey pal, of course — no doubt because she is hell on wheels in the pasture, thinks she’s top dog, boss mare, etc. They must have been having cheerleading practice bcz the vet says she sprained ligaments under where foreleg meets chest, and the same in her groin area. Kinda like she tried to do the splits, front and back, and wrenched the heck out of those joints. Amazing what trouble horses can get into just foolin’ around in the pasture. She can barely walk, both left front and left rear. Can’t put any weight on front left. Could be a hairline fracture left shoulder blade. Plus multiple contusions, bites and kicks… Lots of swollen areas, especially left shoulder, left loin and rump. She’s a mess! She’s on pain meds morning & night, and it will probably be 3 to 4 months before she’s rideable. !Pobrecita, verdad? !La muy hija de la chingada!
Are you gonna be a good girl now?

Are you gonna be a good girl now?

Ben says the whole question is, who’s gonna be head bitch when she’s well enuf to go back out to pasture? Vengeance shall be Mine? or …I don’t get mad, I just get even…  The only thing we know for sure is, there will be no mediator for the next match, and no referee to say, ok, girls, back to your corners!
Just thought y’all would get a chuckle out of this… you know horses are remarkably like kindergarteners! Stay tuned!

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